The Ultimate Gun Lube: Prolix Lubricant

Prolix Lubricant: The Ultimate Gun Lube for Optimal Performance

For the best performance and reliability of your firearms, one of the most important aspects of your gun’s maintenance is lubrication. That’s where Prolix excels. Prolix lubricant is made for the best protection and performance for all firearms. Read on if you’d like to find out about our unique product and why we say it has the ultimate gun lube.

First of all, what is it?

Prolix was designed by experts in the field of gun maintenance. It is a standalone product due to its unique formula and performance on all types of guns. Its formula has a unique blend of synthetic oils, high-performance additives, and also a proprietary base oil. Altogether this gives our gun lube a superior lubrication and protects your guns from corrosion and wear.

Why is it the “Ultimate”?

It can withstand extremely high temperatures. So, no matter if you’re in the desert or the freezing cold, it will maintain its effectiveness to ensure your firearms operate reliably all the time.

It has advanced wear protection for your gun’s moving parts. It has been proven over time to help extend the life of your firearms, as well as make sure it is consistently reliable.

It reduces friction of all the moving parts of your guns, which make its operation smoother, and once again, reduces the wear and tear of your firearms.

It helps to reduce corrosion. Guns are tools which are sometimes about exposed to harsh environments, and so corrosion can become a concern. Prolix Lubricant ensures your guns are protected from things like rust or other types of corrosion, even in the above extreme environments.

How does it work as a gun lubricant exactly?

When you apply Prolix Lubricant, it forms a thin, protective film on the surface of your gun’s parts. The film reduces friction, prevents wear and provides protection against corrosion, rust, etc. Our formula ensures that this film stays intact under all sorts of conditions, so that the performance of your firearm continues.

To use Prolix, you simply disassemble your firearm. You would clean all of your parts to make sure there’s no dirt or debris, or other former lubricants. Use a small amount of our gun lube to all of the appropriate parts like the action, slide, barrel, etc. It’s always a good idea to refer to your manual for any manufacturer specifications for its cleaning and lubrication. When you’re done, reassemble your firearm and cycle the action to get the lubricant distributed. Last but not least, wipe off any extra lubrication so it doesn’t attract any extra dirt.

There is a reason Prolix has been in use for decades. The reason is because of our superior protection for all types of guns. It improves the performance, and with our advanced formula, provides resistance against extreme temperatures, enhances the weather protection for all guns, reduces the friction, and even protects against corrosion. Prolix Lubricant is considered to be the ultimate gun lube, and has been in use by shooters, competitors, manufacturers and other gun owners since the 1980’s.

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