Shooting Industry January 1988, “Finally, a Total Gun Cleaner Product for the Gunsmith”
Article by William Schumaker

Most gun cleaning solvents and oils should not be applied to gunstocks. Prolix Total Gun Care has broken this barrier.

It is also excellent for cleaning and lubricating semi-automatic rifles and pistols, as well as other working mechanisms.

It has proven to be excellent for cleaning and lubricating electronic mechanisms, too.

Shooting Times January 1989, “Total Gun Care Products from Prolix” article by J. Wayne Fears

I’ve . . . found it to be a good all-around cleaner and lubricant.

Prolix has been formulated to clean a gun and leave the optimum amount of retained lubricant.

American Handgunner July/August 1990 “Prolix Lube” article by Dave Anderson

One of the most useful cleaner/lubricant/preservative products I’ve found is called “Prolix.”

I disassembled my Dillon 550, cleaned and lubed it with Prolix, and after reassembly found it worked more smoothly and with less effort than ever before. And, I could load twice as many rounds as before without the need for cleaning!

Glock: The New Wave In Combat Handguns by Peter Alan Kalser

There is a substance, specifically for firearms, designed to avoid the problems associated with petroleum-based products . . . . That substance is called Prolix.

Prolix cleans gun parts amazingly easily and thoroughly, then leaves an optimum amount of lubricant and a “dry to the touch” protective film.


Gun Cleaning by Chuck Hawks

Prolix total gun care product is a proprietary cleaner, lubricant, and preservative that can replace both traditional powder solvent and gun oil. I use Prolix on all of my handguns. It comes in 16 ounce plastic bottles with “trigger squeeze” tops, or bulk jugs. Prolix is a one step gun cleaner that will not harm wooden grips, but you should test it on plastics before use. (It does not attack the polymer used in Glock pistols.) I first read about Prolix in Peter Kasler’s book GLOCK: The New Wave in Combat Handguns. Prolix is the chosen cleaning product of Glock armorers. It contains industrial grade solvents that penetrate and remove fouling.

I spray Prolix down the barrel and through the cylinder chambers to remove fouling, let it sit for a short time, and clean the gun as I would if using a normal powder solvent. Prolix is the only cleaner/lubricant I will spray into an action. After cleaning, wipe off all the Prolix you can. Prolix has a dry solid lubricant/protectant base that leaves a residue at the molecular level on gun parts that is very long lasting. It completely eliminates the use of gun oil.

If you use Prolix to clean and lubricate, and a silicone cloth to wipe down, you can omit gun oil altogether and your guns will be better for it.

E.D.M. Specialties (precision machine shop) testimonial for Prolix solvent and lube

. . . meets all of our lubricating and cleaning requirements
. . . most versatile usage
. . . manufacturer’s claims on product were met
. . . excellent results on stainless steel, reduced metal friction resulting in smoother action

Edward J. Hughes LTC USAF-Ret testimonial, March 20, 1992

I ordered a case of your Prolix 8 oz PS and have found it to be excellent.

Let me again commend you and your staff on an excellent product.

Guns Magazine January 2006 “Notes on Cleaning”

I don’t use bronze brushes on my cast-bullet barrels. I just use Prolix . . .

In fact I use Prolix exclusively on my nickel-plated firearms

E-mail comment received June 25, 2008 from P.J. of Arlington, Virginia

Wow! . . . the shotgun especially has been a bear to clean. Not this time! I am one happy cleaner. I’d love to have a little more guidance on using PrOlix/XTRA-T since I love it and intend to use nothing else!

E-mail comment received August 20, 2008 from T.W. of Springfield, Oregon
Thanks for an Amazing Product!

. . . just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for everything and tell you how completely impressed I am with your product. I received my order today and after shooting, proceeded to clean my Sig P225 with Prolix. I used a polypropylene container to make a small dunk tank, field stripped the Sig, and soaked it in about 1/2 gallon of Prolix for about 1/2 an hour. WOW!!! My gun is now cleaner than it ever has been since it was new, and maybe even cleaner than that. All the parts, grips included, are cleaned and conditioned perfectly. Just a little Xtra-T lube on the slide rails and I’m ready to go. When I was done I filtered the Prolix back into the gallon jug using a funnel, cheesecloth and a coffee filter for good measure. I was absolutely amazed at the dirt and debris that was left in the bottom of the tank and in the filter when I was done. The amount of dirt and filth that Prolix removed was astounding! I thought I was keeping my gun clean, and spent lots of time cleaning it in the past, but obviously Prolix has raised the bar to an entirely higher level of cleanliness and protection for my firearms. Your product is awesome, I will NEVER use anything other than Prolix on my guns, this stuff is amazing.

Thanks again!

Guns Magazine November 2009

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In response to a question about how to clean a nickel-plated gun if copper removers used to clean the barrel will remove nick-plated finishes, Guns Magazine editor Jeff Johns replied:

Soaking a gun in any of the available copper solvents with ammonia in them can destroy a nickel finish. Nickel plate doesn’t bond well to steel and is layered over a copper under plate. Given a chance, the bore solvents attack the copper underneath, lifting the nickel.

I use Prolix on my nickel-plated guns and generally use it to clean all my cast bullet and .22 LR guns, plated or not. Prolix on a tight patch often will lift lead right out of the grooves, too, without resorting to a bore brush, although stubbon deposits may require a brush.

I don’t like to tempt Murphy, so when I clean copper fouling from a nickel- plated firearm’s barrel, I use a 1-caliber undersize bore brush wrapped with a patch covered with J-B Bore Paste and squirted with Prolix.

E-mail comment received December 14, 2009 from D.C. of Las Vegas, Nevada

Just a note of thanks…This stuff is awesome! I picked up a small ultrasonic cleaner (holds 1 pint) and works great on auto barrels, trigger assemblies and small parts…the crud falls off even before I turn the machine on. Just bought an AK-47 and used PrOlix to cleanup on initial field strip and end result was simply amazing…adding no other lubrication, the firearm felt so much smoother to operate than before…again amazing!

I’m truly impressed and will be a returning customer and also bragging about PrOlix to my shooting buddies.

Again, great product and thanks!

All About Shooting December 14, 2009, “Prolix Total Gun Care Product” web article by Clark Bush

Prolix works as advertised. It removes “gunk” of all kinds from firearms, on the interior and exterior surfaces, without any offensive odors or fumes. It even removes Cosmolene easily and quickly.

Based upon my experience with Prolix, I’d recommend it for cleaning and protecting your guns. It cleans bores as well as the exterior of guns, without harm to the existing finish and it’s safe for the environment.

E-mail comment received November 21, 2010 from D.D. of Victoria, BC, Canada

In addition to your Prolix being the best lubricant, cleaner, rust inhibitor and anti fouling protector available, I have found that giving the trigger assembly a thorough soak in Prolix and a putting a drop of Xtra-T on the sear notch is equivalent to the smoother and softer trigger pull of a $65 gunsmith trigger job. Outstanding!

E-mail comment received January 31, 2011 from B.R. of Pueblo, Colorado

Thank you for making a great product! Here is my testimonial. I will continue to recommend PrOlix.

It must have been @ 1996, I had just started shooting and had bought my first Glock pistol. I went to a gun show, I think it was in Danbury, CT. and a man was selling PrOlix at his booth. A dry lube that goes on as a liquid, drys clear and doesn’t get all gunked up, the way oil does, just made sense to me so I bought a bottle.

As I progressed in my shooting and entered the world of IPSC Open division, I continued to use PrOlix. The place where I think your product really shines is on the internal parts i.e. disconnect, sear, springs, trigger bow, etc. On those windy days out here in southern CO. I know that my gun must be getting dusty but it’s not turning into oily black “slide stopping” sludge. Like the Energizer Bunny my guns keep on running when many others have turned into jam-o-matics. I have to give credit to my gunsmith who builds a great gun, but I also believe PrOlix plays a big part in keeping my guns and magazines reliable.

I use PrOlix for cleaning and lubing my Dillon reloaders and find it works better in my ultrasonic cleaner for the lube cycle than the product that came with it. Several of my friends use it now on their reloaders as well as their ultrasonic cleaners. I also use PrOlix to clean and lube the tracks of my windows and sliding doors and it works well. Thanks for making a great product.

E-mail comment received April 22, 2011 from D.H. of Lanchester, United Kingdom

I am so impressed with Prolix, it has transformed my rifle cleaning regime and I am recommending it to all my gun friends at my Club!

I am going to try to get the gun club owner to be a dealer for your product; I will let you know as soon as I have made contact with him after the Easter holidays.

Thanks for an excellent product.


E-mail comment dated May 5, 2011 from M.A. of Reedley, California

Thanks again. Your product definitely has to be seen to be believed!


E-mail comment dated May 20, 2011 from G.W. of Highland, Michigan

The first time I used Prolix, I pre-cleaned my gun using the old standard over-the-counter gun cleaner first. Then I used Prolix to clean it again. I couldn’t believe the crud that the old stuff left behind. After the next shoot, I cleaned my gun with just Prolix. I had some crud in the barrel and slide. However, after the next shoot I cleaned the gun with Prolix and what did I find?……There was very little burnt powder deposits in the barrel. Prolix made it a whole lot easier to clean the barrel and mechanism. I’m gonna store my old stuff and use Prolix hereafter. BTW, the gun is a Beretta Cheetah 84 FS with nickel plating.


E-mail comment dated May 29, 2011 from M.C. of Darmouth, Mass.

I have used Prolix total gun care on all my firearms for over a year. This includes a used Walther P-22 and a new Ruger SR9C. Prolix is the only cleaner ever used on the Ruger and I now have over 2100 rounds through it with out any failures at all.

Awesome product. I will be purchasing more as soon as I need to.


Australian Shooter May 2011, “Prolix gun cleaning products” article by Brendan Atkinson (view article)

I have used Prolix total gun care on all my firearms for over a year. This includes a used Walther P-22 and a new Ruger SR9C. Prolix is the only cleaner ever used on the Ruger and I now have over 2100 rounds through it with out any failures at all.

Awesome product. I will be purchasing more as soon as I need to.

E-mail comment dated February 13, 2012 from I.F. of British Columbia, Canada

Excellent! I switched to Prolix last year and really love it, used it for most of the season on my waterfowling guns which get absolutely soaked on a regular basis and absolutely no issues! Where I live and hunt, wet is the standard. Also been using it on on my glock and very happy there as well.


E-mail comment dated May 5, 2012 from R.B. of Seminole, Florida

I have a silver goblet that I was awarded some years ago, and it invariably tarnished in a short period of time after each polishing. I polished it up, and put a coating of Prolix lubricant on it, and haven’t touched it for 6 months…  not a lick of tarnish on it in that entire time.


E-mail comment dated March 13, 2013 from T.F. of Holladay, Utah

Struggling to open a lock on a filing cabinet, I whipped out some Prolix Xtra-T dry lube and it now works so slick that the key has to be held to avoid its sliding out of the lock on its own. Much future frustration averted! And no oily mess.

I use it frequently in connection with vehicle door locks, as well as in the locks and hinges of my home and office doors. It would no doubt work wonders on bicycle chains.


E-mail comment dated May 22, 2013 from C.O. (a professional competition shooter) of Salt Lake City, Utah

Prolix is still doing a great job for me and I couldn’t be happier using it. You have definitely ended my gun lube skepticism.


E-mail comment dated Oct 8, 2014 from 3-Gun Shooter Craig Outzen (who we also sponsor)

Prolix is an excellent biosafe cleaner and lube that I have been using exclusively for two years now. It offers a great biosafe, pleasant smelling cleaning experience as well as excellent non petroleum lubrication properties. In particular to the dirtiness 22 rimfire guns and ammo, the Prolix provides excellent lubrication without the tendency of many lubes to collect fowling. Coupled with the increased ease of cleaning what little fowling collects in the firearm I am sure that Prolix played a large role in the reliability I experienced out of my guns.


 The Predator Press October 2014 Product Spotlight (view article)

Prolix is an excellent biosafe cleaner and lube that I have been using exclusively for two years now. It offers a great biosafe, pleasant smelling cleaning experience as well as excellent non petroleum lubrication properties. In particular to the dirtiness 22 rimfire guns and ammo, the Prolix provides excellent lubrication without the tendency of many lubes to collect fowling. Coupled with the increased ease of cleaning what little fowling collects in the firearm I am sure that Prolix played a large role in the reliability I experienced out of my guns.


E-mail comments dated Jan. 17, 2015 from D.K. of Marion, Iowa

I just purchased a 64 oz. container last night and stayed up to use it with my Hornady sonic cleaner and the Glock Model 35 came out noticeably better than any other processes I’ve used. Very pleased.

Appreciate and am very impressed with the two Prolix email responses I’ve received, great information with a personal touch.


E-mail comments dated May 20, 2015 from S.W. of Skaneateles, New York

I bought the patches from Amazon. The Prolix worked so well I wrote a review on one of the biggest airgun forums. It is called GTA.

Here is the link to my review. Get ready for some airgun orders.

(excerpt from the review referred to above)

Re: Prolix – Treating Barrels and Lubing Pellets
May 20, 2015, 06:09:04 PM

I ran 3 patches of Prolix through then 1 dry patch. Prolix removed almost all of the lead as it lubricated the barrel. It is some amazing stuff. Im surprised this hasn’t been spoken about in the airgun community.



E-mail comment dated June 17, 2015 from 3-Gun Shooter Craig Outzen (who we sponsor) upon returning from the MGM Ironman competitions:

“… Prolix Lubricants has made me a true believer in their product. My guns ran all week in some of the dustiest and dirty conditions with little to no maintenance. The excellent lubricity coupled with the ability to shed fouling and dust buildup makes Prolix my go to lubricant……the fact that it is bio safe, smells great, and is not petroleum based is a huge added bonus.”


All About Shooting August 15, 2015 review by Clark Bush (PrOlix Total Gun Care Product review)

. . . When I’m through shooting for the day, I wipe down the exterior with some PrOlix on a cotton patch and then inspect the bores. If the bores show signs of plastic build-up, I clean them by dry brushing and then running a patch dampened with PrOlix, followed by a dry patch. That normally does the job.

. . . I really depend upon the products that I use to do what I expect of them. PrOlix has done just that and I’m confident that it will continue to clean, lubricate and protect my guns.


E-mail comments dated April 21 and May 3, 2016 from V.P. 1st Lt U.S. Army (Retired)

I used the balance of the [PrOlix] cleaner in a small container to soak an 1888 Iver Johnson Gun and Bicycle Mfg. .38 short revolver. It was in bad shape as the gun uses the black powder version of the non “38 special” smaller round. The PrOlix cleaner did a remarkable job cleaning this and another old historical pistol built in 1939 by Berretta.

I would use your product for any cleaning, restoration and general lubrication on every weapon that passes through my little shop. Your product is amazing and gets my vote of confidence for gun cleaning, lubricating, firing and storage of anything made of any type of metal. I’ve used just a capful here and there on various cleaning jobs with great success.

Your product could replace several products for restoration, cleaning, lubricating and storage in military or law enforcement applications.

. . . I am impressed by the multiple uses of your PrOlix total gun care product . . . I hope that your product could be introduced to large enterprises who could save money by replacing 4-5 other cleaning, lubrication, storage and maintenance products with your single product. It also works great around my shop for other non firearm uses!


E-mail comments dated May 16, 2016 from Chuck T., Florida

I’m a long time shooter of all disciplines, which also makes me a long time gun care person. I’ve used many products until about 7 years ago when I found PrOlix. I was looking for a product which was environmentally safe, odor free and which would keep my collection looking great. In my opinion it is the best for cleaning and long term care of any weapon. It is very simple and efficient, a quick clean with a brush dipped in PrOlix then let it soak over night, dry and reassembly. Spotlessly clean and protected. I will never use anything else to maintain my collection, ever.