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PrOlix Cleaning suggestions

(updated Apr 2009, June 2011, July 2016, June 2019)

Firearm Barrel Break-in & Cleaning Process

(first posted July 2010; updated Sept 2010, Aug 2016)

Cleaning tank ideas:

Here are two aluminum designs that you may find useful. These are not items that we sell but which you could construct or have constructed by a local metals shop. Using PrOlix as your cleaning solvent of choice eliminates the need for any agitation. Remove any scopes/optics or other parts that should not be soaked in a cleaning solution (wood is safe as are most polymers). Simply pour in PrOlix solvent, place parts in the container and cover. Another effective solution is a large rubber tub with cover (see an example below). It is important that the container does not leak! Kept in the container after use, your PrOlix solution can be used again and again until it is all used up or starts to harden. Newspapers or cloth can be used to remove the remaining contents and can then be safely disposed of with other household garbage. Your container is then ready for a fresh batch of PrOlix solvent.

Small “shoe box size” cleaning tank

14” x 8” x 6 .25” (L x W x H)

Fill with PrOlix, place parts in mesh box and cover.

NOTE: Both large and small metal mesh boxes are available on our order page (see PrO DIP BASKET items).

Large cleaning tank

9 1/4″ x 41″ x 6″

The attached valve and hose provides a convenient way to drain unwanted solvent.

Rubber cleaning tub

These can be readily purchased at mass merchandise stores, house/kitchenware stores, animal feed stores, etc. Note the PrOlix cleaning solvent in the tub.