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Prolix Total Gun Care Products

biodegradeable, non-petroleum based solvent/lubricant for firearms
Dry Lube Technology

Who uses PrOlix® lubricants?

Target Shooting Champions Clark and Doris Bush use PrOlix® products for cleaning and lubricating their firearms. They have found that bores stay cleaner and have much less build-up of "gunk," which helps reduce the time required for maintenance when competing.

"Being able to concentrate on shooting and not having to worry about a dirty bore can make all the difference,” says Clark.

Clark further states, "The PrOlix [lubricant] is working very well and I've used a lot of it on my guns. We've been shooting every day that we can and also evaluating some prototype chokes. It means a lot of shooting and a lot of cleaning so that we can compare results for the manufacturer."

"We've found that the PrOlix does not allow the plastic build-up that we've seen and the manufacturer has seen when not using it."

Clark Bush
Follow Clark and read his articles at allaboutshooting.com
Doris Bush