Craig Outzen shooting in front of a Prolix banner

PJL Industries/ProChemCo/PrOlix® lubricants and Craig Outzen sponsorship

PrOlix® lubricants has been a proud sponsor of Craig Outzen from 2013 to 2016.

Pictures from Craig's 2016 repeat win at the Utah Peace Officers Association (UPOA) Multigun LEO championship:
Craig Outzen 2016 UPO Championship

Just after returning from the MGM Ironman competitions in mid-June of 2015, Craig commented: “. . . Prolix Lubricants has made me a true believer in their product. My guns ran all week in some of the dustiest and dirty conditions with little to no maintenance. The excellent lubricity coupled with the ability to shed fouling and dust buildup makes Prolix my go to lubricant......the fact that it is bio safe, smells great, and is not petroleum based is a huge added bonus.”

Here are some more pictures of Craig in action (note the blue PrOlix® logo!)

Craig Outzen gallery
Best of luck to Craig in upcoming 3 Gun competitions! More information about Craig