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Prolix Total Gun Care Products
biodegradeable, non-petroleum based solvent/lubricant for firearms
Dry Lube Technology

About PJL Industries/ProChemCo/PrOlix® lubricants

PJL Industries
PO Box 1466
West Jordan, UT 84084-8466
1-800-248-LUBE (5823)
Fax: 801-569-8225
Prolix Lubricant 35th anniversary label 1986-2021

We have been a lifelong sponsor of:
State Grass Roots Events
Friends of the NRA
NRA State and National Events
Bianchi/S&W Nationals
NSSF logo

Example of one of our event sponsorships:
1992 Summer Biathlon Series held in Los Angeles.
We help to sponsor other activites that advance the sport.
For example, in 2010, we teamed up with Blaser USA
to sponsor the University of Alabama Skeet Team.
Since 2013, we have been a co-sponsor of 3-Gun competitor Craig Outzen.
We were a sponsor of the 2015 UPOA* Multi-Gun Championship held Feb. 4, 2015 in Hurricane Utah. *Utah Peace Officers Association
SMM3-GUN sponsor from 2014 through 2016.
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The PrOlix® story: In 1972, our founder took over the responsibility for an Olympic smallbore club. It was a job that no one wanted, and the reason soon became smoky clear: the equipment was in such bad shape that it appeared that the only available course of action was to send all of the rifles back to the DCM (Department of Civilian Marksmanship, now the CMP) and request complete replacement. Instead, to the amazement of everyone, the rifles were cleaned and restored with what was to become PrOlix® lubricant. PrOlix® products were ultimately introduced in 1980 at the Los Angeles Law Enforcement Expo and to retail communities in 1986.


PrOlix® lubricant is a USDA BioPreferred product (since July 2012)

Celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2021!
Prolix Lubricant 35th anniversary label 1986-2021

PrOlix® lubricants were developed by avid shooters. Join the PrOlix® team today and start shooting more and cleaning less!
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